When taking on a renovation, extension, restaurant design or shop-fitting project, lighting is always a top consideration to ensure the best results.

While lighting goes beyond the scope of electricals, electricians are instrumental in making your lighting designs a reality. A good electrician has a working knowledge of practical solutions based on years of experience, can offer safety and certification, and can contribute to the design process.

lit chandelier in front of a dark wall with an out-of-focus family photo

With a decade of work in the industry to British Standards, backed up by City and Guilds qualifications, we’re experienced in the installation of commercial and domestic lighting solutions. We consult with customers to understand their needs, offer advice, and work collaboratively to produce designs that meet budgets and exceed expectations.

Victorian kitchen extension with counter-tops lit by LED strip-lightingWe source and install all types of domestic and professional-grade commercial lighting. This extends from simple retrofit LED bulbs to low-consumption and long-life bulbs, integrated light fixtures, panel lighting, tube lighting, and contour or linear strip lighting. We only use trusted manufacturers, and we have the experience to deploy their products correctly.

homely setting with warmly lit lamp and ornaments on a table with twilight visible through a windowIn the past we’ve installed specialised lighting solutions for office, workshop, restaurant and retail spaces, as well as landscape, pathway, and premises lighting for businesses. On the residential side, we’ve installed custom light fixtures for feature lighting of living areas, water-safe lighting for kitchens and bathrooms, and weatherproof lighting for gardens and patios.

LED downlighters in a pitched roof with velux windowsMuch of our lighting work is LED-based. Although sometimes still more expensive initially, LED technology pays off quickly, offering environmental benefits, low-energy cost savings, long life, and improved light quality. Equally important, LEDs suffer from none of the downsides of legacy energy-saving bulbs such as slow warm-up, poor light quality, or mercury pollution.

LED lighting options are constantly improving in terms of colour temperature, distribution, dimming, and light output. Indeed, the market is rapidly becoming flooded with components, some of them of variable quality. Compatibility between different manufacturers isn’t always certain. For that reason, choosing quality components from recognised brands, and knowing how to combine them well, is key to ensuring your designs deliver on their promise.

a modern family kitchen with a mixture of lighting

If you have a lighting design in mind, call or email us, using the contact details below, and we’d be happy to discuss it with you.