If you’re looking for qualified, registered, competent electricians to take on electrical work on behalf of your business, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

We offer a wide range of essential electrical services to commercial and retail clients including shops, offices, schools and light industry. We also maintain electricals in managed properties for lettings agencies and landlords. We’re comprehensively insured and can take on insured work up to £2,000,000 in value.

shell of a building during renovationsWe undertake electrical installation work as part of building and shop-fitting projects, where we lay in power and data cabling in support of equipment, lighting and appliances. We also inspect, service, maintain and certify electrical equipment on-site. As registered competent persons we are able to self-certify our own work, avoiding the additional cost of external certification.

an electrician wires up an LED downlight, lit starkly by a builder's worklightA sizeable part of our commercial work is lighting-related. We source, install and maintain professional-grade lighting solutions to meet the needs of retail and office clients. Applications include workshop and factory lighting, specialised lighting for restaurants and retail spaces, and landscape, premises and pathway lighting for offices and businesses.

Another rapid growth area is ventilation. With the rise of environmental concerns over air quality, particularly in London, many businesses are looking to monitor and control the air quality in their offices and factories. As well as traditional temperature and humidity control, we see increasing interest in air purification systems, which filter the air entering a space, and heat recovery systems, which extract useful energy from the air leaving it.

Whatever your electrical needs, contact us using the details below, or request a quote, and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.