LED spotlights in the arches of a Victorian side return kitchen extension

Many of our clients, both domestic and commercial, are seeking cost-effective ways to reduce their impact on the environment. We recommend they choose proven green technologies that have been shown to reduce energy usage and save money.

A key area is the use of LED lighting to fill the role once played by incandescent bulbs — an area in which we’ve a lot of hands-on experience. We’re also seeing increased demand for electric vehicle charging points, at offices as well as residential homes, and we’ve amassed useful experience in this area as well.

We can help you navigate the many options and steer clear of pitfalls.

As experienced electricians, we can collaboratively design LED-based lighting systems to fit the needs of your home, office, school, restaurant, shop or workplace. Be it simple retrofit of LED bulbs to replace older technologies like incandescent or “energy-saving” bulbs, or completely bespoke LED-based lighting systems (incorporating panel lights, linear or contour strip lighting, recessed spotlights or integral LED light fixtures), we can help you navigate the many options and steer clear of pitfalls.

The right choices can pay dividends in terms of long-term savings, light quality, and health and safety.

Once your needs are understood and a solution agreed upon, we can cost-effectively source components, perform any necessary rewiring, and install the final system — all to British Standards. The right choices, combined with a practical design and skillful installation, can pay dividends in terms of initial outlay, long-term savings, light quality, longevity and safety.

Our experience and qualifications mean we’re well placed to meet these requirements.